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The journey

Dravidian Speciality Hospital Pattukkottai


The journey of Dravidian Speciality Hospital began many years before. A vision to provide primary medical and surgical services to people in and around Pattukkottai at an affordable cost.We started our journey in the year 1999 as Mahalingam Memorial Hospital,near Head post office, Pattukkottai with a single room consultation and a quality laboratory with four out-patient triage beds. We were young, idealistic, dedicated medical personalities maintained the nobility of the medical profession.

We developed the concept of a collaborative team, working together to provide comprehensive and affordable care to patients, and demonstrating that modern medicine, could be practiced only through organized, complementary multispecialty teams. The successful application of the concept in Annai Hospital, near Car street, Pattukkottai proved successful in the year 2010 and, then started the Dravidian Speciality Hospitals at No 4 Samumudali street, Pattukkottai with modern health care facilities in the year 2013,making modern medicine affordable and accessible to all.

The Vision

  • Dravidian Speciality Hospital was not created to serve the rich, but would address all sections of the community.
  • Dravidian Speciality Hospital charge all sections of the community in the same way but the price services according to the paying capacity of the patient.
  • Dravidian Speciality Hospital not turn away a patient simply because he/she could not afford our services, but would channelize their own social responsibilities and the goodwill of the community to provide healthcare to the underprivileged.

Today we are a multispecialty hospital with 42 beds and provide consultation in over 10 specialties.

As part of our clinical governance, we have defined our core purpose: ‘To provide affordable healthcare that people trust’, affirming that we will always provide medical care with a human face, we will provide relief to our patients and aim to increase their longevity and we will do all this through a transparency of process and practice.